January 11, 2015
Winter Officer Rides
New officer led rides for the winter quarter have been finalized. They can be found here, and along the sidebar under upcoming events.
December 5, 2014
Rider Spotlight and November Strava Champions
Christopher Ha marks the sixth Wheelmen rider spotlight! Thank you for the entertaining responses Chris.
The Cal Poly Wheelmen named their November Strava champions, at a meeting last night. Thank you to Foothill Cyclery and WD-40, for providing awards to our winners and top-three riders, in both the male and female categories!
- Sean Bird
December 1, 2014
Rider Spotlight: Hank Mandsager
Hank Mandsager, the Cal Poly Wheelmen fearless leader, took time out of his schedule to answer the rider spotlight questions. Find out about his cycling involvement, what makes the Wheelmen so great, and a world championships past!
- Sean Bird
November 10, 2014
Supportive Sponsor and Rider Spotlight
Thank you to Lezyne for their incredible and generous sponsorship of the Cal Poly Wheelmen! Read up on Lezyne and browse through their product offerings. Cal Poly Wheelmen rider spotlight number four, with Madison Giger, is posted! Check out what Giger has to say, about the organization and her local adventures.
- Sean Bird
November 10, 2014
Rider Spotlight: Ryan Miller
In what has become a weekly feature, Ryan Miller recently tackled the rider spotlight questionnaire! See what he had to say.
- Sean Bird
November 7, 2014
Strava Competition Champs and Rider Spotlight # 2
Jonathan Schmidt and Julia Mace mark the October Strava champions, for the Wheelmen cycling team! Our second rider spotlight of the year, featuring Ryan Mostofi. Check it out!
- Sean Bird
November 3, 2014
Mountain Bike Race Weekend Recap
A brief report, on the Wheelmen mountain bike race weekend, that includes numerous visuals and rider interviews. Check it out!
- Sean Bird
October 27, 2014
Wheelmen Feature: Charging Forward on Dirt
With the generous assistance of Matt Sluski and Niels Smidth, the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wheelmen are prepared to host a thrilling mountain bike race weekend, on Nov. 1-2. Cross-country, short track cross-country, dual slalom and downhill events will be taking place at the “Dirt Club,” in Santa Ynez, which happens to be a brief 45 minute drive from the Cal Poly campus. Sluski is the official race director, for the weekend of mountain bike races.
Smidth is a fifth year at Cal Poly, who has been involved with the Wheelmen for four years. Smidth, a former president of the Wheelmen organization, is lending a hand in the planning, development and advertising of the upcoming race weekend. “I got involved two years ago helping make the race happen and I have gotten more involved each year,” said Smidth.
The shopping list of activities to host the race weekend includes approval from Cal Poly, guaranteeing insurance, seeking sponsorship and promoting the event. Not all of the tasks are glamorous but Smidth, among others, is taking initiative. The Wheelmen community is needed to make this a successful weekend. “On the race weekend, we will need lots of helpful volunteers,” said Smidth. Although serious and willing volunteers are needed, the weekend will not be all work and no play.
The cross-country course has “lots of fun singletrack descents,” while the dual slalom course offers “big berms and jumps,” said Smidth. Downhill racing will fit an enduro style format. The timing of two courses will be combined for an overall placement. The “Dirt Club” promises to be entertaining on Halloween weekend. An unofficial costume contest is in the works for the short track cross-country race.
“Since there will be plenty of Halloween candy around at this time, I plan on getting hand ups to the racers on some steep sections of the cross country course,” said Smidth. The Wheelmen will certainly provide spirited activity. Nov. 1-2 marks the annual Wheelmen mountain bike race weekend.
- Sean Bird
October 27, 2014
Rider Spotlight: Ethan Lawrence
In an attempt to become well acquainted with the 2014-15 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wheelmen community, Ethan Lawrence marks the first rider spotlight. The following information was provided as a set list of questions, which Lawrence took in stride. All responses are unedited.
1. How long have you been a member of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wheelmen or Wheelwomen?
a. This is my first year as a part of the CP Wheelmen
2. What is your favorite part of the Wheelmen and cycling, in general?
a. I love the group/social rides because they allow me to meet new people while exploring new routes in the SLO area. It also makes my rides a lot more enjoyable.
3. What cycling disciplines are you involved with?
a. Officially, I am a roadie and cyclocrossy(?) and I love to race both bikes but whenever I can I try to get on a mountain bike.
4. Please describe your favorite San Luis Obispo ride.
a. My favorite ride in SLO is riding up Perfumo or See Canyon. Both rides are a struggle to the top but reward you with excellent views and exciting descents.
5. What are you interested in accomplishing, with the Wheelmen, throughout 2014 and 2015?
a. My goals for the fall and winter are to train as consistently as possible while trying not to burn my self out. Once 2015 rolls around I plan on racing as many collegiate and non-collegiate races as possible.
6. What are you studying at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo?
a. I am a third year Business Admin. Major with a concentration in Marketing
7. What is your favorite genre of music and your favorite song?
a. This is a tuff question because I am one of the most indecisive people in the world but what I’ve been listening to lately is more acousticy and live music. One of my favorite artists is William Fitzsimmons so pretty much any of his songs.
8. Do you prefer “SLO Donut Company” or “Old West Cinnamon Rolls”?
a. Old West Cinnamon Rolls because it’s the last one I went to.
9. Please provide us with one interesting fact about yourself.
a. I only have half of the feeling and use of my right pinky because I cut the nerve and tendon last year 
10. Aside from cycling and education, what occupies your time?
a. I love movies, music and have played guitar for the past few years so all my free time is spent doing those activities. I love going up to the top of the PCV parking structures at night to play guitar. Sometimes people come up there and listen for a little. It’s been a great and awkward way to meet people!
- Sean Bird
October 1, 2014
Fall Officer Weekly Rides
Here is the PDF of the officers weekly rides for the fall quarter. All rides will meet at Foothill Cyclery unless otherwise stated. If officers are unable to make their rides they will send out an email letting everyone know. Hope to see everyone out there!

September 5, 2014
The Cal Poly Wheelmen will be hosting this years mountian bike race on November 1st at The Dirt Club.
Check out the flyer for more details about the event schedule and race categories; course description and directions to the venue.
We hope to see everyone there!
March 10, 2014
Santa Cruz and Stanford Race Recap
After a quiet weekend for the Wheelmen at the UCLA race, it was off to UC Santa Cruz for a hilly road race and criterium. In the men's A road race Bryan Duke was Cal Poly's top finisher, just missing the podium with a fifth place finish. Adam O'Camb finished mid-pack in 16th place. Cal Poly also had riders compete in the Men's C road race. Lucas Newcomb took a break from the dirt and knobby tires to compete on the road and ended up finishing in second place! Not far behind, Kurt Sjoberg and Grant Pocklington finished in fifth and sixth place. In the women's C race, Cal Poly's Valerie Arechiga put together a strong performance finishing in fourth place. Finally, the Wheelmen's own Jonathan Schmidt was top result for Cal Poly in the men's D race, finishing in 30th place out of a huge field of over 65 racers!
On Sunday riders competed in the Santa Cruz criterium race. Bryan Duke put together another great ride for Cal Poly in the men's A race with a sixth place finish. Adam O'Camb had another solid mid-pack finish in 19th place. David Waples competed in the men's B crit on Sunday and ended up placing in 14th place. In the women's B race, Maren Cosens finished in 7th place. In the women's C crit, Cal Poly freshman Linday Kageyama pinned it for the silver medal! In the Men's C race Cal Poly's 1-2 punch came from Kurt Sjoberg and Grant Pocklington once again, finishing in 5th and 6th place respectively.

The next race weekend was hosted by the riders of Stanford University. First up for the riders was the road race event. Cal Poly's Adam O'Camb, looking to improve on his solid results in Santa Cruz, finished in seventh place in the men's A race. After upgrading to the men's B field, Kurt Sjoberg showed that he was right where he belonged by finishing in 5th place! Jeff Shen took on the men's C field and ended up finishing mid pack in 16th place. Lindsay Kageyama put up another strong performance in the women'c race and finished in sixth place.
Next, it was on to the Stanford Criterium Race. This race was particularly popular because of its proximity to the Specialized headquarters. Adam O'Camb kept the strong performances coming with an eighth place finish in the men's A crit. In the Men's B crit, David Waples and Chris Ha were the top Cal Poly finishers in 18th and 19th place respectively. Lindsay Kageyama was Cal Poly's only women's B racer for Sunday's crit. She ended up crossing the line in seventh place. Switching back to the men's side, Grant Pocklington finished in ninth place in the men's C crit. Caitlin Koeroghlian rode hard in the women's C race and ended up crossing the line in 11th place.
February 24, 2014
Cal Poly Home Race Recap
Another year of great racing in San Luis Obispo is in the books! The weekend of 2/8-2/9 saw the Wheelmen host their annual Cal Poly Classic Criterium and Time Trial.

First up on Saturday was the criterium race held on the Cal Poly campus. This course is known for being one of the more technical races in the collegiate circuit. The wet weather during the weekend made for even trickier conditions. While there were a few minor spills, most riders were able to keep the rubber side down and make the best of the wet weather. Cal Poly had some good results from Saturday's race. Kurt Sjoberg finished in third in the Men's C race. In the Men's B race, wheelie David Waples finished strong, taking 6th. Cal Poly had another podium finisher with Brian Duke taking third in the Men's A race. In the Women's B/C race, Valerie Arechiga was Cal Poly's top finisher with a solid 6th place finish.

On Sunday riders drove down to Santa Maria to compete in a 9.5 mile hill-climb time trial. Thankfully riders were greeted to mostly sunny skies after a wet day of crit racing. Cal Poly's own Grant Pocklington was the fastest Cal Poly Men's D rider finishing the climb in 35:36, good enough for fourth. In the Men's C race, Jeff Shen pinned it in his awesome polka dot "air attack" helmet and goggles, finishing in second place! In the Men's B race, David Waples took home the gold! He finished with a time of 32:50. In the Women's B/C race, Valerie Arechiga finished in third with a time of 40:42.

Thanks to everyone who came out and raced all weekend with us even with the rainy weather!
February 6, 2014
Cal Poly Race Weekend 2/8 - 2/9 (No RR Event)
This weekend marks another year of the one-and-only Cal Poly Classic Criterium and Time Trial. Get ready for a weekend full of fun racing on one of the most challenging criterium courses in the collegiate circuit followed by an epic hill climb time trial in Santa Maria!
Please be advised that we will no longer be hosting a road race on Sunday 2/9 due to events out of our control. We will, however, still be hosting an individual time trial. Below is a statement from the road race director Justin Russo regarding the cancellation of the road race:

With great displeasure, I am announcing the cancellation of the 2014 Cal Poly Classic Road Race. I found out late yesterday afternoon that we will not be able to hold a road race this year. I am very upset by this, but we are doing our best to carry. Our crit is still on for Saturday the 8th, and we will be holding a Time Trial on Sunday the 9th.
We will be holding a Time Trial up Tepusquet Rd, in the same area that the road race was to be held. Tepusquet will be an awesome time trial, 10 miles and 1400ft of climbing. We hope that you will still come and support or race weekend.
The cancellation comes as a direct result of the events which occurred at Poor College Kids Road Race last weekend. Due to many flagrant violations which occurred at Poor College Kids, the CHP implemented drastic changes which we were not able to comply with.
We will be issuing refunds to everyone pre-reg'd and hope that people will be interested in racing our TT. I will be posting new fliers for the Time Trial as soon as I can.
After spending 3 years trying to make this race a success, I am upset that circumstances out of my control brought an early end to it. I am working with CHP and all interested parties to try and bring back our event in the future. I would like to add, that we have a very good working relationship with the CHP and they have been nothing but helpful. The cancellation is due to the reckless disregard of rules and regulations by several participants at Poor College Kids Road Race. I sincerely hope that this can be a learning experience for the cycling community. More details about what occurred will come out in the future.

December 17, 2013
Training Camp Recap
Shortly after finals a group of Wheelmen packed their bags and their road gear and drove up to the bay area for the 2013 edition of road training camp. During the weekend-long camp, riders participated in a combination of social events and group rides. Cal Poly riders enjoyed perfect weather as they experienced some of the best road riding the area has to offer, including the epic Mt. Diablo. Check out a few of the pics from the training camp festivities!:

Group photo at the top of Mt. Diablo!
Photo courtesy of Justin Russo

Photo courtesy of Justin Russo

November 18, 2013
End of 2013 Mountain Bike Season Recap
The second half of the season included races hosted by UCSB, Chico State, UC Davis, and the WCCC Championships hosted by UCSC. Some notable results from the UCSB race included: A second place finish by Matthew Werner in the Men's C XC race, second place by Madison Giger in the Women's B XC race, a sweep of the podium by Jason Brinsfield (1st), Adam O'Camb (2nd), and Jimmy Winne (3rd) in the Men's A XC race, first place by Niels Grether in the Men's B XC race, second place by Niels Grether in the Men's A Downhill race, second place by Jason Brinsfield in the Men's A Short Track race, and first place by Leah Lind-White in the Women's B Dual Slalom race.
Top results from the UC Davis race weekend included: Third place by Jason Brinsfield in the Men's A XC race, second place by Maren Cosens in the Women's A XC race, third place by Niels Smidth in the Men's C Downhill race, fourth place by Haolynn Lu in the Men's C Downhill race, second place by Jason Brinsfield in the Men's A Short Track race, and second place by Niels Smidth in the Men's B Short Track race.
The Wheelmen ended the 2013 mountain bike season at UC Santa Cruz, host of this year's WCCC Mountain Bike Championships. Cal Poly looked for a strong showing at Santa Cruz as points were doubled all weekend long. Some top results from Cal Poly included: Third place by Jason Brinsfield in the Men's A XC race, second place by Adam O'Camb in the Men's C Downhill race, first place by Jason Brinsfield in the Men's A Short Track race, fourth place by Adam O'Camb in the Men's A Short Track race, and third place by Leah Lind-White in the Women's B Super D race.
All-in-all the Cal Poly Wheelmen put together a solid 2013 mountain bike campaign, finishing as the third best team in the conference behind Humboldt State and UCSC. Now, the Wheelmen enjoy a brief break from the action before hopping on the road bikes and training for the quickly approaching 2014 road race season! Stay tuned!!

October 21, 2013
2013 Mountain Bike Season Race Recap
Another set of race weekends is in the books, which means it's time for another race recap! After the UNR race near Lake Tahoe, Cal Poly riders made their way up to Salinas, CA for Stanford's home race. Starting the weekend off was the XC race. First year Cal Poly racer and current junior mountain bike national champ Lucas Newcomb took home his first collegiate victory in the Men's A XC race! Jason Brinsfield was close behind, finishing in 5th. Jeff Shen kept the Cal Poly winning streak going, crossing the line 1st in the Men's B race. In the Women's B race, Leah Lind-White found her way onto the podium with a strong 3rd place finish. David Waples rode strong in the Men's C race, just missing out on the podium with a 4th place finish. Next up was the Super D race. Max Ramos was the fastest Men's A Cal Poly rider, finishing in 3rd place. Tiffany Safronoff finished in 8th place in the Women's A Super D race. Once again, Jeff Shen finished on the top step of the podium! This time in the Men's B Super D race. Leah Lind-White was able to improve on her XC performance, finishing in 2nd this time in the Women's B Super D race. David Waples finished 4th in the Men's C race while Matt Sluski finished close behind in 6th. In the Short Track XC race, Lucas Newcomb and Jason Brinsfield finished 4-5 respectively in the Men's A event. Jeff Shen was on fire all weekend long. This time he finished 1st in the Men's B STXC race. David Waples was finally able to make it onto the podium with a 2nd place finish in the Men's C STXC race. The final race of the weekend was the Downhill event. Cal Poly's Max Ramos and Trevor Roland finished in 4th and 5th respectively in the Men's A DH race. Cooper Scheid flew down the hill in the Men's C race, rolling across the line faster than all of his competitors. Leah Lind-White wrapped things up with a 3rd place finish in the Women's B DH race.

Next up on the schedule was the one-and-only Parkfield Classic! Cal Poly had a great turnout for their home race, from both racers and volunteers. We started off our weekend with the "climb happy" XC race. Once again it was Cal Poly's first year racer Lucas Newcomb taking home the gold in the Men's A race! Bryan Duke was right behind, finishing in 2nd! In a smaller Men's B field, Cal Poly's Anthony Fryer finished in 3rd place. In the Men's C XC race, David Waples was finally able to snag a victory. In the Women's A race, Maren Cosens was the fastest Cal Poly rider with a 5th place finish. Current wheelie Victoria Yoham took home the gold in the Women's B XC race! In Dual Slalom Cal Poly's own Daniel Burkhartsmeyer finishing in first in the Men's A race. Max Ramos wasn't far behind, finishing in 3rd. In the Men's B Dual Slalom race, Ian Hare finished with the silver for Cal Poly. Scott Cosseboom pinned it in the Men's C race, finishing first! In the Women's A DS race, Tiffany Safronoff finished in a solid 4th place. Leah Lind-White added another podium result to her race resume, finishing in 3rd in the Women's B Dual Slalom race. On Sunday riders competed in the Short Track XC and Downhill races. Cal Poly's Bryan Duke and Jason Brinsfield demonstrated great teamwork finishing in 2nd and and 3rd in the Men's A STXC race. In the Men's B race, Justin Russo dug deep into the pain cave to pull out a 2nd place finish in the Men's B race. David Waples had his way with the Men's C field, lapping almost all of the riders. Weekend festivities came to a close with the Downhill race. Daniel Burkhartsmeyer was the fastest Men's A Cal Poly finisher with a 5th place result. Sam Defever finished in 7th place in the Men's B DH race. Cal Poly's Cooper Scheid was at it again, finishing first in the Men's C field. On the women's side, Cal Poly rider Tiffany Safronoff finished in 4th in Women's A's while Leah Lind-White finished in 2nd in Women's B's.

Cooper Scheid ripping it up at the Stanford race!
Photo courtesy of Jeff Shen

Lucas Newcomb on his way to his first collegiate victory.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Shen

Leah Lind-White on the podium at Stanford
Photo courtesy of Jeff Shen

Bryan Duke and Jason Brinsfield on their way to second and third place in Men's A STXC at Parkfield.
Photo courtesy of Kyle Meyer

Max Ramos flying down dual slalom at the 24th Annual Parkfield Classic!
Photo courtesy of Kyle Meyer

Victoria Yoham during her winning ride at Parkfield.
Photo courtesy of Kyle Meyer

October 7, 2013
2013 Mountain Bike Season Race Recap
With school back in session for the 2013-2014 year that means it's time for another great year of mountain bike racing for the men and women of the Cal Poly Bike Club! This year's season started off with a race at China Peak hosted by Fresno State University. The Wheelmen brought a handful of riders to the event, competing in each and every discipline including XC, Downhill, Short Track XC, and Super D. This year's race saw the riders not only competing against each other, but also against Mother Nature. A small hailstorm rolled through, adding to what was already an exciting event. In the men's A XC race, Cal Poly demonstrated great teamwork that resulted in Jimmy Winne, Jason Brinsfield, and Adam O'Camb finishing 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively. Jeff Shen and Niels Smidth kept the Cal Poly success train rolling, finishing in 2nd and 3rd in the Men's B XC race. On the women's side, Eliana Stefani finished 3rd in the women's A XC race. Tiffany Safronoff also finished in 3rd in the women's B event. In the men's A downhill race, Cal Poly's fastest man down the mountain was the veteran Max Ramos finishing in 5th place. In the men's B race, Cal Poly's Trevor Roland took home the silver. In the Men's C downhill race, Cal Poly's Matt Sluski finished in 6th place. Next up was the short track XC race. In the men's A race, Jason Brinsfield showed his power, finishing on the podium in 3rd place. Niels Smidth had another strong showing, finishing in second place in the men's B race. Cal Poly finished off the weekend strong with three riders on the podium for their performances in the Super D race, including a first place finish by Trevor Roland!

Weekend number 2 of racing brought the Wheelmen to the Sky Tavern MTB Park near beautiful Lake Tahoe. Cal Poly racers Jason Brinsfield and Leah Lind-White made the long drive out to compete in the weekend's events. In the cross country race, Jason Brinsfield finished near the top of the pack in the men's A race in 6th place. Leah managed to race her way onto the podium finishing in 2nd place in the women's B race. Not wanting Leah to steal all of the glory, Jason rode a hard race in the short track cross country event and managed to podium in 3rd place!

For full race results visit the WCCC website. Stay tuned for future race recaps!

A bunch of Wheelies at the Fresno State Race
Photo courtesy of Jason Brinsfield

Trevor Roland on his way to victory in the Men's B Super D race at China Peak.
Photo courtesy of Jason Brinsfield

Collegiate Road Nationals Recap
The weekend of May 3-5 saw a group of Cal Poly's A riders in Ogden, Utah competing in the 2013 edition of Collegiate Road Nationals. The riders that made the trip to Utah included Brian Funk, Blake Anton, Adam O'Camb, Bryan Duke, Nicholas Jerabek, and Jacob Gerhardt. First up were the team time trial and individual time trial events. Blake, Nicholas, Bryan, and Jacob posted a strong time of 43:32 on the 33.7 km TTT course, good enough for a seventh place Cal Poly finish. In the individual time trial, Bryan Duke hammered through the 20.1 km course with a time of 28:55. When it was all said and done, Bryan would end up taking 6th place for the Wheelmen! On Saturday, riders participated in the criterium race in downtown Ogden, on a 1.6 km course around City Hall. Cal Poly saw two riders finish in the top 25 with Bryan Duke in 15th place and Brian Funk crossing the line in 21st! Finally, on Sunday riders competed in the ever-popular road race event. Riders participating in the road race faced a grueling 125 km race with just under 10,000 feet of elevation gain. Despite the challenging course, Cal Poly was able to pull off some strong results! Bryan Duke finished in 14th place, Brian Funk in 21st, Adam O'Camb in 32nd, Nicholas Jerabek in 65th, and Blake Anton in 88th place. Overall, it was a successful weekend for Cal Poly, earning the title as the 13th best DI road team in the country!!
For full race results and photos, please visit USA Cycling's website.

Wednesday Night TT Results!
Here it is...The moment you all have been waiting for...Results from the Wednesday night TT series out O'Connor can be found: HERE

April 2, 2013
2013 Road Season Update
With road season now in full swing, it's time for another set of race recaps. At the UC Santa Cruz road race the Wheelmen saw a solid fourth place finish from Brian Funk in the men's A race. In the women's B race, Erin Phillips finished strong in sixth place. Jason Hull had another good showing, finishing in eighth place in the Men's C race. Meanwhile, at the UCSC criterium race on Sunday, Blake Anton finished on the podium in third place in the Men's A race. Erin Phillips kept the podium finishes coming with a third place result in the Women's B crit. Next up was the UC Santa Barbara race weekend. In the Team Time Trial, the Men's A team finished in second place only five second behind UC Berkeley. In the road race, Cal Poly's Brian Duke and Erin Phillips finished on the top step of the podium in the Men's A race and Women's B race respectively. In a field of nearly 50 riders, the Wheelmen saw two of its riders finish in the top ten of the Men's D race. Mitchell Cooledge finished in eighth place and Chris Ha finished in ninth. In the UCSB criterium race, Justin Russo pulled off a strong performance, finishing in fourth place in the Men's B race. Erin Phillips kept her winning ways going, finishing first in the Women's B race. Chris Ha picked up the silver in the Men's D crit. The following weekend had the Wheelmen up in Nor Cal for Stanford's race weekend. In the road race, Justin Russo rounded out the top ten in the Men's B race. Mitchell Cooledge was Cal Poly's top finisher in the Men's D race, finishing in seventh place. In the criterium race, Brian Funk just missed a podium spot with a fourth place finish in the Men's A race. At UC Berkeley's race, the Men's A TTT started off the race weekend with a fourth place finish. In the road race, Adam OCamb finished fourth in the Men's A race. Mitchell Cooledge had another strong race, also finishing in fourth place in the Men's D race. At the criterium race the following day, Brian Funk was Cal Poly's top Men's A rider, finishing in a solid sixth place. At the Fresno State race, Cal Poly started the weekend off strong, finishing first in the Men's A TTT. In the road race, Blake Anton cracked the top ten, finishing in ninth place in the Men's A race. Next up is Humboldt State 4/6-4/7 and collegiate nationals is right around the corner! Cal Poly currently sits in fifth place in the team omnium scoring. Stay tuned for the next race recap!

Cal Poly racers rocking the stylish green and yellow dot helments at the UCSB crit
Photo courtesy of Kyle McCarty (Current Wheelie)

Nicholas Jerabek pinning it in the Stanford TTT
Photo courtesy of Kyle McCarty (Current Wheelie)

February 19, 2013
2013 Road Season Update
Road season is off and rolling once again! Three races into the road season and the Wheelmen are off to a strong start. This year's road season started in San Diego with the Boulevard Road Race and Red Trolley Criterium. It didn't take long for the dots to record their first win with Adam O'Camb taking the top step on the podium in the men's B road race. Another strong performance came from Brian Funk, finishing fourth and fifth in the road race and crit respectively. Next up was Cal Poly's home race comprised of a team time trial, road race, and perhaps the most technical crit in the collegiate circuit. The Wheelmen put up solid results in all three events. Some of the top results were: 1st Men's A TTT, 2nd Men's A RR (Nicholas Jerabek), 2nd and 3rd Men's D Crit (Ryan Chandler and Niels Grether), and 2nd Women's C Crit (Erin Phillips). After that, it was off to UCLA/USC for a hilly road race and criterium. The Wheelmen received a big performance from Jason Hull with a second place finish in the Men's C road race. Through three races, the Wheelmen stand in 4th place overall in the team omnium scoring with only 40 points separating the top 4 teams in the conference. Stay tuned for future race recaps!

Brian Funk in the UCLA RR
Photo courtesy of Kyle McCarty (Current Wheelie)

Eliana Stefani in the Cal Poly crit

Blake Anton in the Cal Poly crit

Photos courtesy of
Sheldon K. Smith, Ed.D.
CPSLO Wheelmen 85-89

Wheelmen Alumni Weekend 2013
Dear Wheelmen Alums, friends and families,

We miss you!
To fix this we've decided that it is about darn time to get you all back here for alumni weekend May 17-19!
Trust me, this is going to be a weekend you don't want to miss!

All of the info can be found HERE

Yours In Dots,
Joshua Marcum
Alumni Weekend Organizer

P.S. Here's a photo to help bring back all of those wonderful memories of time spent in polka dot spandex!

September 19, 2012
Parkfield is Here!!
Welcome back wheelies! It's that time of year again. Time for some mountain bike racing! The season starts this weekend with our home race in the bustling metropolis that is Parkfield! Get ready for an epic weekend of camping, BBQs, and plenty of bike racing on bikes of all sizes (yes even the pixies!). Make sure that you have all membership forms submitted and dues paid in time to go. Also MAKE SURE YOU VOLUNTEER!! The more people we have out there helping, the smoother things run. Get excited for another fun year full of bikes and remeber: keep the rubber side down!

July 8, 2012
Current and Former Wheelies at 2012 XC Nats
Current Wheelmen riders Tony Smith and Victoria Yoham and Wheelmen alum Chris Jackson did the Wheelmen proud at the 2012 U.S. Cross Country National Championships. Tony Smith had a strong showing, finishing fifth in the U23 XC race for his Whole Athlete team. Victoria Yoham took home two silver medals competing in the women's 19-29 XC and Super D races. Chris Jackson went three for three finishing first in the men's 19-29 XC, short track XC, and Super D races!!! Congrats wheelies!!!
Chris Jackson in the stars and bars!!

Photo courtesy of USA Cycling

Tony Smith pinning it on his way to fifth place

Photo courtesy of cyclingnews

Victoria on the podium after her XC race